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Sarah Jane Holt has been teaching Reflexology in the U.K for over a decade and has won the coveted Association of Reflexologists Inspirational Tutor of the year award twice in both 2014 and again in 2017.

Sarah learnt from her Mum and has been practicing Reflexology for over 17 years and teaching since 2009.

She is a dedicated and inspiring teacher who teaches many courses in person each year to students in the U.K and also offers the opportunity for online tuition to students all over the world.

Her friendly and affable teaching style makes learning Reflexology accessible, understandable and an enjoyable experience, where anyone can learn Reflexology at home or in the classroom.

Sarah’s enthusiasm for Reflexology and the skills and techniques she has learnt over the years are evident in the knowledge and expertise and she shares this freely with her students, with continued professional development in Reproductive Reflexology, Spinal Reflexology, Nerve Reflexology, Chi Reflexology, Reflexology for Cancer Care and Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga teacher training in India.


Sarah also runs a successful practice in Devon, England treating clients with a clinical approach to Reflexology with a focus on both mental and emotional well-being as well as the physical symptoms of imbalance.


Sarah grew up with Reflexology, with her Mum, Jane Holt being one of the pioneers of Reflexology in the U.K in the 1990’s. Jane Holt specialised in Reproductive Reflexology and taught if for many years until she retired in 2009. She still practices today, helping clients with Subfertility issues.

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I am so over the moon to be Qualified!!! Thank you so much for being a total inspiration and a life changing teacher. Reflexology has made an enormous difference in my life

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